Basic info:

Genre: Hack'n Slash

Nº of players: 1-3 (Coop. Local)

Platform: PC

Lenguage: full spanish

PRIM3 is a cooperative multiplayer game hack'n slash situated in a fantasy world of Celtic aesthetics. The three protagonists are young apprentices of alchemists who must fight against enemies and jump obstacles to obtain the philosopher's stone and then save their sick master.

3D art and animation's team:

Héctor Angulo (Héctoranpe Software)

Sergi Santamaria

Programming team:

Cristian Cozar

Daniel García

Marc Palenzuela

Dubbed by:

Héctor Angulo - Sulphur y Nox

Alba García (Alba Luz)- Mercury

Juan Palacio (Max Wolf)- Salt

With the music of:

Diego Mac Vela

Sergio Gasmann

© 2021 Héctor Angulo Pérez. Hectoranpe Software.

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